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Summer and Winter Tires for Your Volvo

We know how important it is to have the right tires for your Volvo SUV, sedan, or wagon. As you already know, your tires are the most important part of a vehicle. They are the only point of contact between your Volvo and the road, so they play a key role in the handling, safety, and comfort of your vehicle. Equipping your Volvo with quality tires is, therefore, a necessity.

Our experts will take the time to understand your needs and lifestyle so that they can advise you on the right tires for you. Every tire we have in stock have been Volvo approved and will provide maximum comfort while preserving and improving your car’s performance.

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Safety, Convenience, Performance.

Approved Tires

Volvo has selected and approved the right tires for your car to provide you with superior driving performance. The result is tires that provide you with the best possible grip, performance, durability and noise levels. We have combined them with Volvo Genuine Wheels designed to offer the quality and durability that only a genuine Volvo part can offer. Genuine Volvo Wheel Kits are also tested to withstand the demands of any condition and feature advanced corrosion protection to ensure a high quality and durable finish year after year.

It’s All About Grip

Your Volvo features cutting edge driving technology, called Intellisafe, that keeps you safe. However, the active safety features in your Volvo are only able to manage available grip. We know that safety and security were part of your decision to purchase a Volvo. Using summer or all-season tires in the winter or winter tires in the summer compromises the effectiveness of many driver support features which rely on tire grip to avoid a collision.

Quick Seasonal Changes

At Volvo Cars Victoria our certified experts have the perfect wheel and tire kit ready for your Volvo. These kits are already balanced and ready to go so when you walk in, we only have to bolt them on your car. Generic Wheel Kits often require adapters that may cause vibration if installed incorrectly. Genuine Volvo Wheel Kits are designed specifically for your Volvo, removing the need for adapters, which leads to a hassle-free and quick installation.

Why does Volvo recommend using a second set of wheels and tires for winter driving?

Is there proof that winter tires make a difference?

In 2008, the use of winter tires on all 4 wheels became mandatory in Germany. In 2005, Germany had 12,539 collisions where there were cases of personal injury. In 2008, that number fell to 6033. There is a recognition that some safety improvements to vehicles were made over the 3 year period, but a reduction of 50% cannot be attributed to vehicle safety enhancements alone.

Closer to home, Quebec made the use of winter tires on all 4 wheel mandatory in 2008 as well. In Quebec, 96% of drivers were using winter tires before the law came into effect. Once winter tire use became mandatory, 98% of drivers used winter tires, with an immediate 5% decrease in collisions, and a 3% decrease in deaths and serious injuries. All of this with only a 2% increase in their use.

Why not drive with the same tires all year around?

The latest generation of winter tires are designed not just for snow and ice, but are designed to maintain their elasticity and gripping power on cold pavement too. Traditional all-season tires tend to become stiff in cold weather, and they begin to lose gripping power as early as +7 degrees Celsius.

Tires that have been optimized for “all season” or “summer only” use are generally wider with a big footprint and few grooves and channels. This helps them to maintain the most rubber contact with the road during summer driving, when warm weather also assists them to remain pliable. This is the exact opposite of what you need for winter driving. Slightly smaller tires, with aggressive grooves and rubber compounds that remain pliable at colder temperatures are the ideal choice for optimized winter grip.

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